Working with students to create sets, props, practicals, lighting design, and soundscapes for the theatre. 

Jekyll and Hyde: The Laboratory

This project was for the 2017 Canyon Crest Academy production of Jekyll and Hyde in San Diego, CA. It had lighting and “boiling water” effects, achieved through the use of LEDS, a hidden air compressor, and air manifold.  

Edgar Allen Poe: Cast Iron Trapdoor

A pair of these trapdoors were set in the main deck of the outdoor performance of a Poe inspired outdoor piece. They are “cast iron with rivets.”

Plaster Hand Casting

We did a plaster hand casting workshop using alginate, it is a simple but very satisfying process. The results speak for themselves. 

Theatre Cosmetics 

I teach basic trauma cosmetics (bruising, sores, bites, cuts, and gangrene) and am looking forward to learning more about general theatre cosmetics myself. 

Faux Textures

I teach all the various faux textures to my stagecraft students, woods, metal, stone, and brick.   

Set Building and Strike

My students work hard to put on our shows and take considerable pride in what they do. I train them to run power tools, painting rigs, cabling, and a thousand other things. They should be proud. 

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