Dan Frazier – Artist and Educator

Dan Frazier is a working artist and educator in San Diego, California. He has exhibited in multiple cities and is currently engaged in several new works. Currently, he teaches art at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, California. He has been featured on CBS’s Good Day Sacramento, Univision’s Despierta America, Aug 2016’s issue of Make: Magazine and in various newspaper articles for outstanding student works and community outreach. He has been a national lecturer in NAEA’s 2017 New York Conference on Cross Curricular Projects, and a two time presenter in the Maker Faire: Bay Area for his work with art, robotics, and education. His students are routinely accepted to leading art schools around the nation, win art competitions and scholarships, and are well prepared for a career in fine or commercial art. In 2017, California Dept. of Education designated his Art Dept. a Gold Ribbon Model Program.  He is always looking for ways to improve, enrich and extend the Arts in public education.

Even as a kid the artist was driven to make objects and simple illustrations. After high school, he joined the US Navy because he was determined to pursue an art degree with the G.I. Bill. His frequent cartoons on the life of the US Sailor were appreciated and then disposed of quickly (before the captain heard about them) by the Chiefs on the ship, USS Willamette AO-180.  The war in Iraq has deeply affected his views on art making.


USS Willamette AO-180 – an astonishingly bad design, this hunk of rust was plagued by one disaster after another (Seriously, check it out on Wikipedia!). It was decommissioned shortly after Frazier’s tour.


Working with the Blind as a sculptor, here the braille readers explain things to the sighted instead of the other way around.

In college at San Jose State University, he met the legendary illustrator Sheldon Borenstein and attended his classes in figure drawing. He was further influenced by Lecturer Monica Van den Dool’s philosophy on creating art. While attending the University he won numerous awards and grants. He served as the Art Guild’s President in 2000. His Bachelor of Fine Arts show featured very large tactile narratives that had been Brailled with ceramic glazes. Blind people, their friends, relatives, and dogs came from all the counties around San Jose after the opening was published in several newsletters. After college, he worked at a variety of different jobs, including book illustration, ceramic production, and advertising. Eventually, he found a balance between Art Education and studio art.

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